360 Wave Methods

360 waves are a 360 pattern in the hair of mostly an urban demographic. It involves the pattern of your hair laying down in a 360 pattern and looking like a ripple of waves moving across your head.

To determine how to get 360 waves there are multiple methods to doing so. One of them would be continous brushing. Another would be the h20 method. A third being the night and day method. There are also more methods such a the plastic back method.

360 wave brushes are important for developing waves. In order to get strong waves you must have the right kind of brush. there are 3 types of brushes. soft brushes medium brushes and hard brushes. Pick the right brush with the right method and you will have your waves spinning in no time.



360 Waves Haircut

The best 360 waves are the ones that are maintained everyday. You have to brush your hair constantly and consistently if you want spinning waves. If your waves are spinning you can never go wrong.

360 wave methods

how to get 360 waves overnight is pretty simple. you have to wear your durag for brushing hair every day after brushing. wearing your wave cap or durag overnight can help strengthen the appearance of your waves. it’s the best way to do so.

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360 Waves Wolfing Tips

how to brush for waves consistently and get the best spinning pattern. keep brushing over and over to tighten up your 360 waves.  depending on the brush, how long you durag for and how long you brush for determines what kind of 360 waves you get. and also the pattern depends on the type of person because every persons waves may vary depending on their genetics and who they are.

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360 wolfing is about growing your hair and trimming it. Keep growing brushing and when the time is right cut it down and trim it down. Thats the best way to get 360 waves. You have to consistently grow you hair and trim it down and continue this process over and over to tighten up your waves.


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